Wednesday, November 16, 2016

God is Our Savior

I am the mother of two lovely daughters and the step-mother of a handsome son and his beautiful sister. These are my children and the love that I have for my children is immeasurable. The thought of giving them up for anything is unimaginable. Now consider that the Almighty God loves his son to an infinitely greater degree than any of us can comprehend. We are all God’s children and God loves all of his children dearly.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
Jesus gave us a lot to be grateful for. He is  a Savior who lovingly sacrificed his life for us.
John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Thousands of years ago, when our sins became so many and needed to be reconciled, a sacrifice ultimately had to be given in order to remove our sins and cleanse our souls. Jesus, God’s one and only son, stood in as the human sacrifice for our sins. Jesus bore the pain for us so that we would not have to. Jesus gave up his life for us.

When I put it in a human perspective, I can’t imagine how grand of a sacrifice this is for God to give up his sinless son as a token for the sins of others. I look into the faces of my children and ask myself, “Could I do that?” And then I am overwhelmed when I realize that this is exactly what our Heavenly Father did for us. He sacrificed His Son for our past, present, and future sins. It is in this realization that I know the magnitude of God’s love for me.

Forever in the Kingdom of God
God loves us in a way that is undeniable, indeed. The only sacrifice that could have paid for our sins is a person who was pure in body and spirit. That person was Jesus Christ, God’s one and only son. To pay for the sins of the world, God gave his son as a sacrifice so that our sins could be forgiven and so that we could have a way to develop and maintain a loving relationship with the Almighty God.

Brothers and sisters, we receive the blessing of forgiveness because of the Lord's sacrifice. All Our Father asks in return is that we believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ. For that, we are rewarded a life forever in the Kingdom of God.

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